Pinterest is Addictive

While I was browsing Pinterest today for nothing in particular, I came across a great saying. “Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your burdens.” I’m sorry it didn’t come with a name so I can give proper credit. But I am going to do my best to live by this because it’s good advice. I am a positive person by nature, I just have times or days when I dwell way too much on the negative. I’m pretty sure everyone else does it. I’m just saying that to make myself feel better, but it’s working, so yay!

The past few days since I wrote my last “woe-is-me” blog post have been pretty great. It is freezing cold here so I get to bundle up in comfy pants, long sleeve shirts, and try and find my cute winter hat with the Pom Poms. I was very happy to try on my winter coat (I was feeling like being a pansy even though a sweater would have sufficed) and have it still fit me very well. It’s a size small Land’s End jacket. Towards the end of last winter it was getting a little snug and I was dreading trying it on…but it fits a little better now which makes me feel great. I am still at war with my scale, I refuse to step on it because every time I do it tries to ruin my day (I have been working out and eating more healthily for about 6 weeks now and have only lost two pounds.) I have better luck with scales when I don’t step on them for months and then realize I am four pounds less than my goal weight. Fingers crossed it will happen again like it did four years ago!

I was just doing Zumba previously (and walking the dogs about 3 miles every couple of days) but I found a Cardio Kickboxing class (my favorite) in our area and started that this week in addition to Zumba. I love it, and I was sore as hell the next day which thrilled me. I’m not a masochist, I swear, I hate pain, but it’s a good feeling to know that what you’re doing is working because your body feels it the next day! I love Zumba but I never “feel” it later.  I tried Yoga today and while it wasn’t bad, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I was very clumsy and couldn’t put my foot on the inside of my other leg just below the knee while my hands were in the air without wobbling all over the place and occasionally falling over while all my other classmates looked like perfect trees. But I want to like it, I want to be good at it, because yoga is great for your body. And I like to stretch and not have an achy back.

After that I had to run to the health clinic and get my second dose of the Gardasil shot and while I was there anyway, the flu shot. I’m right at the cut off for it (26) and I really wish I was told about it sooner so it would be more effective, but oh well, I was still able to get it and I’ll complete the series before I even turn 27 so it’s definitely better than not getting it at all. Now the one thing I’m not afraid of is needles, but that sucker hurt worse than the first one. It hurt more than the flu shot. But my flu shot arm is now sore and the Gardasil arm feels fine. Go figure!

It’s also a good thing dogs can’t understand human language, because my darlings would be pretty peeved at me if they could. It’s been a few days since their last walk (because of the cold) and they were starting to get restless. So I bundled up and we headed outside. I still haven’t been able to find my hat or gloves so the wind was feasting on my exposed skin. I grumbled, “I hate you guys so much right now,” as we were walking because complaining about the cold kept my mouth moving which made me warmer. Then we came home and all was forgiven as we warmed up and ate snacks. I always share with them because Luna in particular has perfected the “Guilt” eyes. Her eyes can make you believed she’s starved to death and you haven’t fed her in weeks (even though you could have sworn she had breakfast this morning) so you feel compelled to share your goodies with her. I really don’t mind, and I owed it to them for being grumbly.


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