Cake Wars

Note: I technically started this blog post the day before Thanksgiving, but realized it was 3am ON Thanksgiving and we had to be up and at ’em by 9am to get on the road for San Antonio so I had to rush off to bed before I could finish it up. I’m sorry!

Mmmm, nothing like the smell of cupcakes baking, especially when you know you won’t be tempted to eat them because they’re chocolate cupcakes and you don’t like chocolate cupcakes. But they smell SOO good I may have to try just one, just to see if I still hate them. It’s weird because it’s the only type of chocolate anything I don’t like.

My kitchen (and my arms) are much dirtier than they normally are after baking cupcakes, something I love to do, because I was overly tired and talking to my friend as I prepared them and I forgot the water. My husband told her that everyone back in Germany raved about my cupcakes and always demanded I bring them to FRG meetings and any time three or more were gathered anywhere, and I blushed and told her I had no idea why, I told anyone that would listen that it was just simple store bought cupcake mix, it wasn’t even homemade, I just enjoyed decorating them in cute ways and not skimping on sweet, calorie-laden icing. But she said her cupcakes always turned out horrible and she had no idea why so she wanted to watch me bake sometime…I told her I just happened to be volunteered to make cupcakes for Thanksgiving tomorrow so she could come watch me tonight if she would like.

So we’re talking and laughing and having a good time and I’m not completely focused on the cupcakes as I measure out vegetable oil and crack the eggs. As we start mixing, the batter is REALLY thick, like crazy-climbing-up-the-beaters thick. I told her I’ve never made chocolate cupcakes before (I prefer spice cake) and so it’s their fault, maybe they’re suppose to turn out this way. She asked, “Did you add water?” and I say as I grab the box to double check, “No, just the oil and eggs, it didn’t say anything about………….Oh. Shit. I was suppose to add a cup of water.” So I add the water, pray I didn’t just screw up my cupcakes, and turn the mixer on as low as it will go. Shit nearly hit the fan. We got water-y, chocolate stuff flying EVERYWHERE. On me, on the bowls that I pulled out but decided were too small and I was too lazy to stick them back in the cupboard (yay, I learned the hard way not to be lazy), on my canisters, on me, on the counters, I think some landed on the house next door, on me, on the window, and did I mention on me? It kind of reminded me of the flour wars I’d get into with my mom and sister back in the day, only unintentional and not nearly as much fun. But still pretty funny. And it’s okay because I needed a shower anyway.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow because I haven’t been able to spend much time with my husband’s side of the family, and they were really cool and fun the first time I was able to meet them shortly after we moved here. I am still really shy and nervous around them though, because both he and his mom have always talked very highly of them, so it kind of felt like I was meeting famous people and I very much wanted them to like me. When we were still dating, my husband went up to North Carolina for his cousins wedding, and he told me that four of his aunts pulled him into a room and proceeded to bombard him with questions about me, they were very fascinated with his new (and first serious) girlfriend. They spent the next 3 or so years talking about how much they wanted to meet me, so when the big day came, I felt like I had very big shoes to fill! But it went great, they were so kind and welcoming to me and I felt like I had been a member of the family forever. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes just as well!


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