Things I Love

Another list that took me a couple of days to complete, but I did it! 🙂 This one was really fun to write but I have to admit, it was harder than the things I hate. And I STILL kept thinking of things I hated and going, “Darn. I already finished that list,” so I snuck some in anyway on this list, as opposites of course.

Things I Love

1. People that don’t say YOLO.

2. Science. I am fascinated with learning about this wonderful world around us, and about ourselves. One of my biggest areas of interest is genetics. I love learning about dominant and recessive genes and how we get our hair color, eye color, etc. I think it’s fascinating to learn that the red hair I love about my husband had to come from both his father and mother (even if they aren’t red haired themselves) because it is a recessive gene. He is adopted so we don’t know much about his birth parents, but with genetics we can learn a little bit about them. And the fact that I don’t know what blood type my parents are but I know that neither of them are O type because I am AB (thank you, Human Anatomy and Physiology lab my first year of college…that was a fun class!)

3. “This Week In Science” memes. I am always amazed at what has been discovered recently!

4. Melted chocolate bars. Messy, sure, so I only eat them when I’m near a water source to clean my hands, but something about that liquid-y goo on your tongue tastes so damn good. (On a funny note, my husband is the exact opposite…room temperature chocolate is too warm, he prefers his chocolate frozen).

5. Disney movies. Our home has gone 0 days without one of us bursting into a song from Frozen.

6. Dogs, mainly small dogs. Especially dachshunds and corgis.

7. Publix. I miss it a lot, there are no Publixes in Texas.

8. Boats. My favorite way to take a tour is by boat. The river boat cruise in San Antonio is amazing! My dream is to one day have my own boat. Water skiing, para sailing, tubing…I want to do it all! I have tried tubing and loved it, but the first two are on my bucket list.

9. Flying. I know it’s weird, a lot of people hate it, but maybe because I haven’t done a lot of flying in my life, I love it…take off, seeing the towns get smaller and smaller the higher you go, tiny roads, cars on highways that look like they’re driving so slow from the sky, it just makes me so happy watching it all. Even the landing is fun, I like the little bump as we hit the runway.

10. Swimming. I love to swim, especially in fresh water like lakes and rivers. My favorite swimming trip ever was when we went to Ichetucknee Springs in Lake City and swam with the fishies and turtles. Oh my gosh, so beautiful. I’m going dreamy-eyed just thinking about it. The crystal clear water, freezing cold (something I actually hate) but it was just so wonderful I didn’t care how cold the water was. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the ocean too, but there’s nothing like taking a dive under the water and seeing a fish swim right before your eyes, and being able to see everything around you.

11. Hugs and affection in general.

12. Go carts. I’ve always been obsessed with them, and I was worried that when I got my license and could drive, that I wouldn’t care about them anymore. Nope. I still want one now almost as badly as I did as a kid!

13. The color blue.

14. London. Out of all the amazing places I’ve visted, London was my favorite. I can’t wait to go back one day!

15. Laughing and people making me laugh. I know this one is pretty common, and a lot of people love to laugh, and if you don’t, what the hell is wrong with you? But I still felt like it deserved a spot on the list. I like to think I have a good sense of humor and I can laugh at just about anything and everything. One of the many reasons I felt drawn to my husband when we were dating is he was just so darn silly and goofy and he had me cracking up all the time with his antics (Please see picture below. My husband, in all of his 200 pounds, sitting in one of those teeny tiny grocery baskets, with an insincere pouty look on his face because I told him I wouldn’t push him in the race car cart.) I have a folder on my computer saved of funny pictures and videos and I always look at it when I’m having a bad day (or the internet is broken) and it always cheers me up.


16. Making other people laugh. There’s just something about the way it feels when you say or do something funny and you make other people laugh. Bonus points if they were sad or upset.

17. Peanut butter. Oh my gosh so good. One of my fears is having a child that has a peanut allergy, I don’t know what I’d do without peanut butter in my life.

18. Dancing. I think this is why I love Zumba so much, because I get to dance my way to being healthier.

19. My family. Another one that most people love, but I am really close to my family and always have been. I love them to death and they were what I was looking most forward to when we moved back home. I couldn’t wait to see them! My husband scolded me (see my post on things I hate, but yeah, even his scolding didn’t get to me) because as soon as we were outside of airport security for international travel, I was running to the exit as fast as I could (dragging a suitcase, backpack, and a doggy in travel carrier), calling to my mom and sister on the other side. I wish my brother could have been there, but my mom was worried about him getting bored waiting for us in the airport and the two hour drive there and back home.

20. Hot showers. Like really, really hot.

21. Hot tubs, jacuzzis, anything with water that bubbles. Unless it’s natural bubbles…no thank you. I don’t care what my husband says, it’s not the same thing!

22. Fairies. I collect adorable little fairy figurines and love them. I especially love Amy Brown’s work, I have one of her books and many calendars of hers that I’ve kept because I love the pictures.

23. Asian culture. It’s another thing I’m fascinated by, I love to learn about their traditions and history and collect a lot of Asian home decor. Of course I also love anime and manga, but it’s not the only thing I like about them.

24. Animals. Birds, monkeys, chinchillas, tigers, meerkats, and all creatures in between. I love them. Except most bugs and reptiles. They can stay on their side of the world, and I’ll stay on mine.

25. Aquariums. I feel like I have a lot of water-related items on this list, but I’ve always loved going to the aquarium. I was in shock the first time I saw a zebra turkey-fish, I couldn’t believe something that beautiful and unique existed.

26. Peppermint mocha frappucinnos from Starbucks. Pretty much the only thing I like from Starbucks (I don’t like coffee) but I love them SOO crazy much. I blame my sister for introducing me to them.

27. San Antonio. It was such a beautiful city, and we had so much fun in the few hours we were there. I can’t wait to go back and explore it more.

28. Austin was really great too. I’ve never been to Texas before living here, and I wasn’t sure if I would like it because of their backwards politics (there are still many things I hate about the beliefs a lot of Texans have) but I was surprised to realize we were living in such a culturally diverse place. And you can’t beat the weather here. I’m hopeful that in a few years, as the older politicians retire and younger, more open-minded Texans take their places, and that all the ignorance and bigotry that is rampant in the government will start to phase out.

29. Four day weekends. Love the extra time with my husband!

30. Summer. Bring on the beach trips, icees, and hot weather! Oh, and sun dresses. I love to wear sun dresses!

31. Getting packages, especially surprise “care” packages from family you weren’t expecting. It’s like Christmas morning, but for adults!

32. Mickey and Minnie mouse. They’re not my favorite Disney characters, but they’re one of my favorite Disney couples. I have purses, figurines, ornaments, Swarovski figurines, shoot, even my poor dogs have Minnie and Mickey collars, harnesses, and leashes. Poor things. We went to Disney World for our honeymoon and my wonderful husband wore a Mickey Mouse hat the whole time just to make me happy. (Of course, he chose the one with the magician’s hat, so he could, in his own words, “stab you with my horn”. And sure enough, he was constantly “stabbing” me with his Mickey Mouse hat that whole trip.) I picked the one with Minnie Mouse and her bow. 🙂

33. Watermelon.

34. Cuckoo clocks. They’re quirky and unique and even though Germans say they would never be caught dead with one in their house because only weird tourists like them, I will proudly say I am one of those weird tourists and have one. I DON’T love having it go off 48 times a day because it kind of got old after the first two weeks, but I still love it. And it has an “off” switch which I am very grateful for.

35. Decorating picture frames. It’s my favorite crafty hobby. I love to get the plain wooden frames from Michael’s and paint them and then decorate them with cute embellishments (my favorite project was a gift for my dad for my little brother’s high school graduation…royal blue, with little things like caps and gowns, diplomas, etc. on it.) I still love to do those frames, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of scrapbook pages and those are really fun too. I get the 12×12 pages, decorate them, and they have room for two photos comfortably.

36. Science experiments. They are SOO much fun. My favorite part about working in a daycare shortly after high school was doing fun little experiments with the kiddos. The four-year-olds were the best age groups for these.

37. Reading. I honestly haven’t read too much in the past six months, but I really need to get my hands on a new addictive series. My husband got me a Kindle and it is very handy and there are many features I really enjoy about it, but I still prefer to read the old fashioned way. I’d like to say that I was a pretty well behaved kid in school, I got along better with my teachers more than I got along with my classmates (I wasn’t picked on or bullied, but I didn’t really fit in), but the one thing that always got me into trouble starting in fifth grade was reading. I could tell my teachers hated to tell me to put my books down but they had to when I was being a brat and reading while I was suppose to be doing other work or paying attention. I use to slip my books into my textbooks and read while pretending to be following along. I’m sure they knew that I was doing it (I wasn’t as clever as I thought) but they graciously let me get away with it most of the time.

38. I love every book by Lurlene McDaniels, The Hunger Games, Jodi Picoult, The Chemical Garden Trilogy, almost every book included in the “Great Illustratrated Classics”, among others. Those were my first memories of reading “long” stories. I have a great treasure that to other people probably has little value, the Great Illustrated Classics story of Black Beauty. I use to go to the park near our house when I was about 10-11 years old and play with a sweet little girl (I still remember her name) who must have been about two or three. After a couple of weeks of doing this, they had to move away, but her mom gave me this book before they left with a note written on the inside front cover thanking me for playing with her little girl and being a good friend to her. I’m not sure if this is what first spawned my love of reading, but it’s the earliest memory I have of a book meaning so much to me. I read it over and over again multiple times.

39. Harry Potter. It gets its own special number because I love this series and it helped me through a lot of my middle teenage years. I’m not as obsessed as some die hard fans, but I will admit I acted like a little fangirl earlier this year when we got to ride the train into King’s Cross Station in London. Whooo! Go Hufflepuff!

40. Once Upon A Time. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV these days, but this is one of my top favorite shows. I tried to watch it last year and couldn’t get past the third episode, but when I heard they were bringing Frozen characters into it I forced myself to watch it. My husband was in the field for two weeks so I had a lot of free time and also wanted the time to go by faster. I was hooked by the seventh episode, it just took a while to get going. Now I am angry at Hulu and am not speaking to it because the last episode ended on such a horrible cliff hanger. I will forgive it when the new episode (hopefully) gets released on Monday.

41. Architecture, mainly houses. I don’t want to buy a house right now, I’m content with military housing until my husband gets out of the service, but he still thinks I want to buy a house soon because I love looking at pictures and floorplans of houses online. I tend to go for the builder websites because they normally include floorplans but other websites like rarely have them. I will pick a random city and explore the kinds of homes they have, I think it’s really interesting how different parts of America have their own styles and features specific to their area. I do really like the Texas style homes, and ones in Arizona. Colorado had a lot of neat houses and it’s a beautiful state to boot so for couple of years I wanted to live there and had dreams of getting stationed at Fort Carson. Florida, my home state, had boring homes in my opinion but maybe that’s because I lived there and the houses weren’t unique to me since I saw them all the time.

42. Really, really old buildings. I just love walking around in them and thinking about the people from 200 or 300 years ago (or older) who lived and walked around in them too. What did the city beyond those walls look like all those years ago when the streets weren’t paved for cars, what did the people wear as they went about their day? I love to think about these kind of things.

43. Running up and down hotel hallways and wandering around them. I don’t really run in them anymore but I still like to explore them. Once my parents got divorced, my dad would come visit us several times a year and stay in various hotels. I found a room one time as a teenager filled with old paintings, vacuums, and various pieces of furniture and I excitedly showed my sister and she just good-naturedly laughed at me and said I’m probably the only person who enjoys exploring hotels and takes pleasure in finding random things like that.

44. Roller skating.

45. Ice skating.

46. Teddy bears and other snuggly stuffed animals.

47. Big Ben. Most people love the Eiffel Tower and it’s a very popular subject in artwork, but I like Big Ben MUCH more. I’m currently on the hunt for some nice canvas prints of him to hang up on a blank wall in our living room.

48. Sweet mint Orbit gum. Some people are addicted to nicotine or caffeine, I’m addicted to gum.

49. My loaner car, a Subaru Forester. It’s so nice and pretty and comfy and I just love it. I love my actual car, a Subaru Outback, but it had a recalled air bag inflator and the Subaru dealership that was fixing it for me accidentally ordered the part for a 2005 (I have a 2004) and to apologize, they gave me this temporary car while they waited for the correct part to come in the mail. They said they were going to overnight it, but I told them no rush…sadly they rushed it. 😦 I have to give back the Forester tomorrow. I think they ordered the wrong part on purpose so I would fall in love with this car and buy it.

50. Colorful socks with creative designs on them. No plain white socks for me (if I can help it)! I’ve got ones with robots on them, Spongebob (gift from my sister…but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love them), Minnie Mouse, foxes, dogs, polka dots, candy bars, penguins, cats, just to name a few. My socks tonight are gray with flowers and sheep and the sheep have a different texture (they’re fluffier) than the rest of the sock.

51. Pajamas. I like to be comfortable and pajamas are a top comfort item. As soon as I walk through the door I’m taking off my jeans and searching for a pair of comfy pants. I like to steal my husband’s Navy pants and tell him he shouldn’t wear them anyway because he joined the Army but I really just say that because I love them so much I want them for myself (and he knows it). I bought him a pair of Green Bay Packer pants so he will leave the Navy ones alone, because in his world, Green Bay Packers trump everything else. Except maybe Doctor Who, but those pants are harder to find.

52. Getting compliments or praise. I loved the book The Five Love Languages and really believe in its message that because each person is different, the ways in which we feel the most loved varies with our own unique personality. I took their online assessment a few times and Words of Affirmation always had the highest points, either by itself or tied with Quality Time. Physical Touch was also really high, but I think my husband would swear it was number one by the number of hugs I both give and ask for.

53. I love to tell people something I like about them or what they’re doing. I’ve been told I’m weird for this (because I pointed out to a lady that I liked her shoes) but I don’t care and I’ll keep doing it because you know what, that lady smiled and thanked me and walked away still smiling so it made her happy, which made me happy, and made me want to keep doing it.

54. Musicals. This one started in drama class my first year of high school when we watched Cats. I loved it, I wanted more. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Shrek the Musical, Die Zauberflöte, Phantom of the Opera, and Avenue Q are just a few of my favorites. Most of these were introduced to me by my husband who further fueled my love of musicals and operas because he is downright obsessed with them. It’s funny because most wives joke about dragging their husbands to operas, but if anything, my husband would drag me to one before it was the other way around.

55. Acting silly and goofy with my husband. On the picture above of my husband, my sister commented, “I feel like this pretty much describes your relationship,” and she is pretty darn correct. We have serious, deep conversations, more so with each other than anyone else, but we also act really crazy together and I love it. More often than not we are doing weird things to make each other laugh or just for shock value and it’s one of my favorite things about our marriage.

56. Hamsters. They’re cute.

57. Schmidt from New Girl. He pretty much makes the whole show by himself.

58. Okay, fine, I’ll admit it….giant inflatables. I like the obstacle course ones and the ones that have a velcro wall and you wear a velcro suit and jump at them…I never get that high, but they’re tons of fun! In my defense, my college back home use to set them up for fall/spring/summer activity days.

59. Psychology. I love learning about how people’s minds work, even though I don’t know what makes mine tick. I’ve been asked many times (by therapists no less) why I’m scared of something or why I feel the way I do, and I very intelligently (if I do say so myself) reply, “Uhhhhhh, I dunno,” in some way, shape, or form. Yup.

60. Music. I love many different types of music and I can’t clean or work out without listening to some type of music. Pandora’s my favorite app on my phone, it’s my best friend because I can carry it from room to room (cleaning) or plug in my headphones and get into the workout groove.

61.Writing grocery lists and to-do lists the old fashioned way. My husband wrote a notepad app and put it on my phone so I could use it, but it’s just such a hassle to pull out my phone, get it off screensaver, select the program, type out items I need with my key-smashing fingers, and then later select the items to cross off my lists. And then you have the additional worries of phone battery usage. Nothing like your phone shutting off halfway through your shopping trip! It’s just so much easier to have a notepad and pen or pencil handy…plus you get to pick out shopping lists with cute designs on them!

62. Chocolate banana peanut butter smoothies. Mmmmm. And the popsicles you can make when you freeze the leftovers are better than store bought fudgesicles!

63. German Schreber-Gärtens. One of my favorite things to do when the weather finally warmed up in Germany was walking around these beautiful garden plots that the government rented out to the citizens. In years past they were used to grow food, but nowadays, people use them to show off their gardening skills and as spaces for family and friends to gather and spend time together. My husband wants to live in Germany one day and I told him the only way I would go along willingly is if he also bought me one of these. We’ll see!


64. Italian food. Double “Mmmmm”.

65. Sweet tea. It is my caffeinated beverage of choice.

66. Live music. I love going places where they have live music set up. However I don’t like when the music that I buy has a “concert/live” version of songs.

67. Riding the tilt-a-whirl at carnivals.

68. Bumper cars. They’re the closest thing I have to go-carts right now. Though even if I had a go-cart they’re still pretty damn fun. I don’t think I’d be greeted with giggles and fun pseudo-road rage if I purposefully rammed my go-cart into another rider’s go-cart. Plus if you’re angry at someone, bumper cars is a fun, safe, and legal way to vent your frustrations out at them. They’ll never know why you REALLY keep laughing as you repeatedly ram your vehicle into the ass end of theirs.

69. I just wanted to end on 69 because I thought it’d be funny (and I have a dirty mind).


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