Hi there. Thank you for checking out my little piece of internet. I’m a pretty average 26 year old, nothing to see here. I like to laugh and I love funny memes. Dogs are awesome and I love to be in the water. My favorite pastime is annoying my husband by showing him Nigel Thornberry memes. I’m not sure why I was so shy to divulge my real name before but I’m over it now because I seriously doubt anyone from my personal life can find me here. I’m still not sure where Sophia came from. My real name is actually Jennifer (see? I told you it was terribly common) but my husband calls me Swiggle. If he uses my Real Name, I assume I’m in very big trouble. I’ve been told I’m a bit of a day dreamer and I have my head in the clouds a lot.

I’m a college student right now, working towards a degree in nursing, and after that, maybe becoming an elementary school nurse or CRNA. I’m also looking for a part-time job so I can fund my various hobbies and interests, like crafting, home decor, and drag racing. Okay maybe I was just trying to impress you with that last one, I don’t drag race. Yet.

Update: Yay, I get to update! I have secured a wonderful part-time job at the Boys and Girls Club. I get to work with interesting little humans called middle schoolers. Now, I suppose it’s time to start investing in drag racing gear…



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