So much has changed…for the better!

I have been seriously neglecting this blog. I am so sorry! I check it almost every day to see what lovely posts others have shared, but quite honestly I’ve just been too busy or too tired to update myself.

That’s both good and bad, I suppose. Just 6 or so weeks ago I was dying to have something to do…I really had nothing going on in my life, no job, classes hadn’t started yet, and I was just really bored and feeling very frustrated and unfulfilled.

I would like to go back in time and slap myself.

Actually, not really. A half slap? Now I am so busy that I pray for some down time to…..just….do nothing…..everything….clean my house? Play with my dogs? Luna has taken up pooping on our rug again, so thanks for that, little miss. I’ve washed those darn rugs so many times I just threw them out. I’ll replace them eventually…they’re just bathroom rugs after all. I’m worried if I replace them now, she’ll still continue to act out and piss all over them…..literally.

I went back to school, something I was SO excited to do, something I was dying to do since I haven’t been able to go to school for three years. I’m really glad I went before, because if this was my first time in college, I’d probably have given up by now. Two of my professors are great, but extremely tough. One of them is beyond extremely tough (I feel like an idiot in his class) and most of my classmates and I agree he just doesn’t really care. He talks down to us if we ask questions, and in lab, he tells us what to do and then leaves the room for an hour or so. Most of the time we get through a few steps and then are confused, standing around asking each other what to do. When he comes back and we ask, he just tells us to look in our book.

There are other minor annoyances, like having to pay $80 to have access to a website to do our homework, and buying our own test sheets. Over all I’m just not impressed with this school and would really love to go back to my old one in Florida. But, unless I want to live away from my husband for a few years, that’s not an option. And I don’t want to do that, so stay at my current college I must.

But I was able to get a part-time job that I love and I’m very happy there. I’m working for the Boys and Girls Club, we run an after-school program for a nearby middle school and the kids can come to the “club” and hang out, we have activities to do and snacks to eat and we (usually) have a great time. In just three weeks of working there I’ve realized I really love working with this age group (11-13) and I’d like to be a middle school nurse. It’s a wonderful feeling to mentor kids and having them come to you with any type of problem they may have and feeling so happy when they tell you that you’ve helped them or seeing them take your advice.

I’ve also gotten more girly because one day, our boss decided to paint some of the girl’s nails and one of them wanted to do my nails (I’ve only ever painted my nails once, for my little brother’s high school graduation) and I realized I really liked my nails painted pink so I went browsing the local Wal-Mart for nail polish and found a glittery blue “Ice Queen” one….and yes, okay, it reminded me of Frozen and I wanted it. And now it’s on my nails and I keep admiring them and their prettiness and thinking maybe I should do this more often.

But definitely the hardest part in the past few weeks is my husband being away in training. THIS SUCKS. He left nearly three weeks ago and we have about two or three more weeks to go. We have no idea when exactly he’ll return. At first he was told he would be back in exactly 29 days, because if he is gone 30 days, the army has to pay us $250 for family separation pay, and they don’t want to do that. They would rather bring him back ONE DAY before that has to be paid. But they wanted to bring him and a few other soldiers out there early, so he will definitely be there over 30 days because the next flight out of the dessert they are training in is March 14th, but sadly that doesn’t mean he’ll be home that day.

I was fine at first, I missed him terribly, but I had work, school, and dogs to focus on and keep me busy. But then they took his phone away…….they said it’s because they didn’t want anyone to cheat and use their GPS when they were doing land navigation exercises, but my husband said they’re not doing those so they have no idea why their phones were taken away. So no communication except for a few minutes on Facebook now and then (thankfully he works with the internet so we can at least talk that way). We haven’t gone no-tech since basic in January 2011 so this part of the training is really difficult. I just want to hear his voice. They are taking lots of pictures of the guys training out there, which is awesome, but my husband is never in any of them. I comb every picture for a flash of his goofy grin or bright hair or silly faces he loves to make, but I never see one. Sigh. But hey, we’re only almost halfway done, so there’s more time to get his picture taken.

I guess on the plus side, I get to drive his car? So I get to pick between two cars, yay! His car likes to go fast….I like fast. I take the highway to work and the speed limit is 75mph and by the time my car gets up to 75 it’s time to exit and do 40 which makes me sad. Bumblebee’s car gets up to 75 before we’re even off the death ramp (as we have affectionately nicknamed entrance ramps here in Texas). And I don’t wake up in the middle of the night freezing because he’s a bed hog. Compromises all around because I’m still not use to being alone and I have a bad habit of pushing our dresser against the door (despite living in a very safe area), but hey, at least I can stretch out in the bed! ….after I move a dog or two out of my way.

So, really, a lot going on, but at the same time, nothing terribly exciting.

Oh! I got braces exactly one month and one day ago. If I don’t get this posted in the next 12 minutes, it will be one month and TWO days. I hated them at first……still kind of hate them I guess. They hurt and I talked funny for a few weeks (something some of my friends pointed out and picked on me for and made me even more self-conscious about them)…and I couldn’t eat much of anything and I LOVE to eat so I would pine away, looking at all the uneaten orange chicken on my plate and wondering if I would ever eat again (I was only slightly dramatic, I swear).

But, AGAIN, I lost about five pounds so now I’ve only got about twenty more to go!

My orthodontist has massage chairs in the lobby so that’s pretty nice. I wouldn’t mind if they kept me waiting for a few hours at my next appointment, because I’m in no rush to get these darn things tightened and go through the whole not-eating phase again. And I like massages.

Maybe I’ll lose another five pounds, though…..hmm….I could be down to my goal weight after four appointments. Or I could work out more. But hey, let’s not make any hasty decisions here.

My nails are REALLY sparkly……….


The Daily Post: A Moment In Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)


Luna coming to check out what’s so special about where Cricket is sun bathing.

This is not my latest picture, but I did just take it yesterday and it is the most recent picture with a story behind it. The weather here even just a week ago was very chilly, and then out of nowhere, on Friday I believe, the temperatures just soared and the sun came out. All four of us (my husband, Cricket, Luna, and myself) were ecstatic, especially because we had a long weekend together! We left the back door open so the dogs could come in and out as they pleased (never before in their lives has January had sun-bathing weather in it, a favorite pastime of our dogs).

I hadn’t heard from Cricket in a while and I went to check on him. He was curled up rather cutely against our fence. Of course, since I went outside, Luna had to come outside with me as my ever-loyal chaperon, and she was very intrigued by Cricket’s spot. She proceeded to do something to Cricket that is not WordPress-appropriate (even though, yes, I got pictures of it) because she is the Alpha Dog and what she says goes. Cricket moved, and Luna took his spot. What a mean, dominating little girl we have!


“If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?”

I’m sorry but as soon as I saw this particular daily prompt I literally laughed out loud. I thought it was an awesome and humorous question to ask, and even though it was posted earlier this month, I really wanted to answer it.

I would owe quite a few items apologies. I guess I could say my floor deserves the biggest apology because I allow everyone to walk all over it, but I know that’s not what the prompt is talking about. The Wii U gets a lot of hate from both my husband and I, he doesn’t like it because it’s a childish console and not as great as the Xbox or Playstation, I’m angry at it because I expected better games to be out for it by now, it’s been a huge disappointment. But we still use it for Netflix and Hulu so it’s not completely neglected. My washer gets a lot of hate for all the issues we’ve had with it, but when it’s working it does a good job of washing our clothes and I’m appreciative of some of the flaws it has, like the lid lock doesn’t work. I sometimes like to watch the clothes agitate and spin (to make sure they’re really getting clean) and I don’t want a modest washer that won’t let me peek at it while it’s working.

The prompt doesn’t mention if they have sight or other senses, but if they did, I definitely owe the stuffed animals on our headboard the biggest apology of all, for reasons that I’m sure are obvious.

But I need to narrow it down to one, and that is pretty tough. I’ve wronged plenty of inanimate objects in my life and I owe them all restitution.  I guess since living here I really should apologize to our gas stove. I hate it, I don’t like it, I prefer electric. And my mom is famous for making innocent things seem dreadful and full of danger and just generally thinking of the worst case scenario and she was panicked for me upon learning our new house had a gas stove. I love you, but, really Mom? We have detectors to make sure it’s not leaking gas, and I know this is an issue our housing office takes seriously so I don’t think they would let us live in a house with defective gas lines or stoves. I can sleep soundly at night, not worrying over a murderous stove on the first floor (even though it certainly has motive for killing us). My friend who lives next door has a fancier stove than ours, so that also brought a new thing to hate about it. It doesn’t tell us when it’s pre-heated and it doesn’t have a digital display or controls which I miss about our last house’s oven. The tray underneath that is suppose to be used to store our baking pans is too small and narrow to fit anything but our tiniest pizza pan, and I learned the hard way I can’t even store that under there because the heat from the stove burned it black.

So, gas stove, I am sorry I hate you so much. I’m sorry that my hands slip and sometimes your oven door slams shut. I’m sorry that when I burned my arm as I pulled a tray of chicken out of you, that I cursed you and then promptly dropped said tray on top of you. I’m sorry that we seriously considered dragging you out to the shed and replacing you with an electric stove of our choosing, and that the only reason we didn’t is because we don’t know how to replace a gas stove and we didn’t want to risk doing it incorrectly and leaking your fuel everywhere. I’m sorry I judge you based on your looks because you’re not a very pretty stove. I’m sorry I couldn’t get use to your smell for weeks, so I avoided using you as much as possible. I do thank you for making our dinner most nights, and for boiling the sweet tea I love to drink, even if it takes you nearly twice as long as our last stove to bring things to a boil.

Was that not a very good apology? I’m sorry I’m not more sorry. You are, after all, an inanimate object and I don’t feel that bad about hating you because I know we only have to deal with you for three years, and then you will be someone else’s problem. Or joy. I know a lot of people prefer gas stoves, and I’m sorry I’m not one of them.



I just want the record to show that on this, the day of December 12, 2014, gas prices are $1.97 where I live.


Please also let the record show that I was nearly on empty this morning, less than a quarter tank, and filled my car to the brim with gas at a DIFFERENT gas station, a few hours before prices dropped.

I paid $2.20.

Head, meet desk.


I Might Need That Swimsuit After All

When I said I wanted to go swimming, I didn’t mean in my own HOUSE!

I hate my washer. Can I make a new hate list? I’d reaaaally like to make a new hate list. My washer would be at the top of the list. Actually it would probably be just the whole list. I can think of a bunch of reasons why I hate my washing machine.

One of my dogs puked on my couch (thanks, whichever one of you jerks it was) and I cleaned it up with a washcloth. It was gross so I wanted to wash it right away, by itself. In HOT water, of course. I don’t use hot water that much. Our washer is defective, has been ever since we brought the piece of junk home. You have to turn on the hot water hose every time you use it and turn it off when the washer’s done filling up, because some sensor in the washer is broken and it doesn’t send whatever signal it needs to send to tell the water to stop flowing once it starts agitating. I guess it could be worse, at least it’s not the cold water tab, which we use a LOT more. So I start my one-item load of laundry, and decide while I’m over in the kitchen area, let’s sweep all those leaves off our side door patio. While I’m doing that, I hear my husband come home and go over to greet him. He’s talking to my friend! Yay! I start to talk too, of course, and we carry on and be goofs and be merry. Then we disperse to get out of the cold, and the rain sprinkles that are starting to come down. We were talking for over an hour.

I forgot to turn the hot water off.

My kitchen is flooded, and I’m wading in water up to my ankles. I grab the mop and start pushing it out the side door (at least that is very handy, I don’t know what I would have done if we didn’t have a door to just push all this water out of). I ask my husband to grab the broom and help me. He does for a little while, and then decides to sit on the counter and watch me work. He says I need to stop forgetting to turn the hot water off. One, I rarely use the hot water so I’m not use to remembering to turn it off, two, this is only the second time this has happened! Oh yeah, I’ve flooded the kitchen before…but it was only for about 10 minutes until I remembered, not over an hour! Oh, wait, while I’m numbering things, three, who is the real scatter brain in this family? Who couldn’t leave post a few days ago because he forgot where he put his wallet, containing ALL our credit cards, our joint bank debit card, and both of his IDs? Who also lost, along with his wallet, his house keys so I had to come rescue him? Who loses his phone every other day, but when I try and call it to help him find it, it’s on silent? Yeah, mister, HUSH.

Last week, my husband was brewing beer. He had been working on it for three hours, beer brewing is a very time-consuming hobby. My extremely intelligent husband went to pour the still boiling hot concoction into a 5-gallon glass carafe. The glass bottom literally melted off. There is beer (and not the good, watered down, ready to drink beer, the concentrated hops, malt, yeast, and various-other-beer-ingredients beer) ALL over the kitchen. We use every towel in our house to clean it up, and then comes the fun part. STICKY. Stickiness everywhere. Stickiness so sticky we actually get a leg workout walking in the kitchen. My husband says, “Ooohh, yeah, I’ve heard this is the worst stickiness to deal with…worse than soda AND beer put together. Probably even worse then melted lollipop stickiness.” So I start mopping. I dip in the bucket, mop, rinse the sticky out in the sink, dip in bucket, repeat. Kitchen is still sticky. I dump the water and try again. I repeat this three times, and give up. Floor is still slightly sticky. I repeat this procedure over three days. Floor is almost tolerable (I am pretty obsessive about my floors being clean, I love to wear socks, and I despise stepping in wet/sticky spots). Anyhow, I promise I’m going somewhere with this story!

I would like to end on a positive note, and list a few reasons why it’s not the end of the world that I flooded my kitchen AGAIN with the devil washer:

1) MY FLOORS AREN’T STICKY ANYMORE! YAY! There was bleach in that load, granted extremely watered down, but still bleach. I think it helped. Why couldn’t I have flooded the kitchen the same afternoon of the beer spilling incident? I will have to remember this “trick” the next time my husband brews beer.

2) The house smells REALLY good. I love my laundry detergent.

3) My dogs didn’t stalk me into the kitchen to beg for food (I wasn’t even eating anything, but they think I was, because people only go into the kitchen to eat, of course) because they don’t like to get their paws wet.

4) While we were socializing, my husband kept putting the broom in the mud and then shaking it at me because he knew I wouldn’t like it, and it would make me run away from him (I was wearing a white skirt, gimme a break!) I wasn’t looking forward to hosing it off, so since we had to use it to sweep out our flood, it’s now clean and I don’t have to hose it down. And it smells good too. And I was able to exact my revenge on my him later by dancing around crazily to Cotton Eye Joe, which he hates.

5) Ummm…my floors aren’t sticky? I am VERY happy about that!